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Cask Strength - 5ND237 Altar Wine
$270.00 — 700ml

We have selected the best of the best to be bottled into our Cask Strength Series. This whisky is bottled exactly as we found it in the casks, no water added, no chill filtering and no flocking. This is an extremely limited release.

Cask Notes
Cask: 5ND237 (finishing cask)
Cask Size: 225 litres
Oak: French
Cask Provenance: Clare Valley Altar Wine (Sacrificial Wine)
Cooper: A Stiller Coppers, Bethany SA
Char: Heavy
Cask yield: 278 bottles
ABV: 64.0%

Tasting Notes
A dark and moreish dram
Nose: Burnt butter, orange, pencil shavings, bandaids
Palate: Chared wood, spice, warm vanilla, ginger, mild cigar
Finish: Long Spice

Production Notes
Malt: South Australian grown and malted Pilsner
Fermentation: 7 days
Distillation / barrel fill date: 11th March 2018
Cask emptying date: 31st October 2020