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Malted grain in hands
We use the finest malted South Australian barley which is run through our small batch grist mill to ensure the full malt flavour profile is extracted from the grain for our single malt whisky.
Steven over the mash tun
The malt “crack level” is carefully checked during the milling process to ensure to optimal size for flavour and sugar extraction.
David stirring the mush tun
The malted grain is mashed by hand to ensure proper temperature distribution and sugar conversion.
Pot Still Steam
When the pot still is opened at the end of a run on a cold day the steam looks spectacular.
Condenser temperature gauge
The condenser is an important part of the still to turn the alcohol vapour back into a liquid. The temperature gauge is used to adjust the flow of cooling water to ensure safe operations of the still.
20L barrels
Our 20 litre cask rack is primarily for private investors, ensuring each cask can be easily accessed to check the maturation process regularly.
Whisky still parrot
The still “parrot” allows the distiller at a glance to see the alcoholic strength of the "new make" spirit coming out of the still. This helps determine the right time to start tasting for the “cuts”.
New make spirit in the glass
During whisky distillation samples are taken regularly. The distillers craft is to smell and taste the spirit to ensure the “cuts” are taken at the optimal time to ensure full flavour without carrying over any “off” flavours from early or late in the spirit run.
The new make spirit is first “nosed” to help identify any “off” smells starting to come through the still.
Column still bubble plates
The copper bubble plates are used to refine the spirit to ensure clean pure spirit is produced for products like gin.
Gin still
Our modular still can be reconfigured for all different products like making premium gin or other unique spirits. We don’t use this for whisky.
Gin botanicals on the barrel
We select from a huge range of indigenous and other botanicals for our gin and other spirits. Where possible we source all our ingredients locally to support our local farmers and producers. We are passionate about our local community.
Steven sampling whisky
All our whisky barrels are checked regularly to ensure we understand the character each unique cask is imparting on the whisky.
Whisky in the glass
Our glass “whisky thief” is used to draw samples which are then nosed and tasted. Monitoring the progress of whisky is a unique skill of the distiller.
David and Steven in the bond store tasting
Our founders occasionally enjoy a sit down in the bond store to nose and sample the whisky during its maturation.

About the distillery

With some help from our friends, we were able to design and build our own copper pot still. Our still has been designed specifically to give a unique one of a kind flavour profile to the whisky. We have also repurposed a stainless-steel vat into a mash tun to allow us full control of the brewing process. We have used the best of our unique talents in engineering, design and craftsmanship to bring this 5Nines dream to life.


Operating on a small scale allows us to carefully monitor the quality control of every aspect of the brewing, distilling and spirit maturation process.


The distillery was founded in 2016, since then, we have ever so carefully been putting away whisky to age in selected premium casks. Our single malt whisky is primarily made with locally malted barley. Some then smoked with South Australian peat to bring a deeper flavour to the whisky.

More recently, we have been passionately working on a range of other spirits including some very distinctively flavoured gins.