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Private Cask Offer
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Private Cask Offer


We are sourcing quality 20 litre casks that have been made by breaking down and recoopering casks of various styles outlined below.

Also, from time to time we have specialty casks available from our suppliers around the world including Portugal and Spain.

You will work with us to put our “new make” spirit into your personalised cask. This cask will be placed into our secure bond store for approximately 2 years. Upon maturation, we will bottle and label your whisky. You choose the strength it is bottled at from barrel strength down to 47% ABV. As a guide, you should expect 25-30 700ml bottles of whisky at maturation time.

How much will it cost?

20L Cask StylePurchase Price (inc GST)
Ex-Sherry (or Australian Apera) — French Oak$3500
Ex-Bourbon — American Oak$3300
Ex-Port (Australian Fortified) — French Oak$3400
Ex-Red Wine — French Oak$3200
Other specialty casksPOA

Due to the scarcity of some casks, there may be a short delay before your cask type is available. We will not bill you until your cask has been sourced and filled. Prices may vary seasonally based on world demand for casks.

What we will provide you

  • A 20 litre cask as per your selected style.
  • Approximately 20 litres or barrelling strength “new make” malt spirit (63.4%) (the exact volume depends on each hand crafted barrel capacity).
  • Storage in our secure bond store for approximately 2 years.
  • Insurance for the period the whisky is in our control for the initial purchase price.
  • The expert advice from our distillery staff.
  • Bottling and labelling of your whisky upon maturation.
  • Ability to visit your cask at any time to check on the aging process (appointment necessary).
  • Full certificate of ownership showing individual serial number and proof of insurance.
  • All excises and GST paid.
  • An option to refill your cask, or take it home.
  • Bragging rights!

Request a Whisky Cask

The Ex-Sherry casks are sourced from either Spain (Sherry) or Australia (Apera) and are generally high quality french oak. French oak has spicy notes, while the Sherry has a soft subtitle character.

The Ex-Bourbon casks are sourced from one of two American distilleries and are made from American oak which imparts vanilla and caramel notes on the whisky.

The Ex-Port casks are sourced from either Portugal (Port) or South Australia wineries (Australian Fortied). The casks are mainly French oak, but occasionally Spanish or American oak is available.

The Ex-red wine casks start their lives in South Australian wineries making some of the best Shiraz in the world. French and American oak is used.

Usually, the smaller the cask the quicker the maturation, as there is a greater ratio of wood to spirit, or whisky, but this will also depend on the individual level of activity that each cask possesses.

Thank you, your enquiry has been sent and we will be in touch shortly.

Q & A

Q: I would like to see the whisky making process. Is this possible?A: Yes, we would be happy to host you on a brewing or distilling day, we can discuss this option for an additional fee.

Q: Do you offer peat smoked new make spiritA: From time to time we do hand smoke our malt using South Australian Peat. This is available for an extra charge. Be aware though, this will only add a lightly smoked flavour to your whisky.

Q: How much whisky should I expect to get?A: During the whisky ageing process a small amount is lot to the “angels share”. We also keep a small 50ml sample for quality control. As a guide, you should expect to receive 25-30 700ml bottles depending on the strength of the whisky bottled.

Q: Why does it age so quickly? Usually whisky doesn’t taste any good under 10 years old.A: Ageing in 2 years is a combination of two very important factors. The size of the cask (20 litres) which has a very high wood to spirit ratio. The large temperature fluctuations in Australia which causes the spirit flow into the cask and back out daily allowing the spirit to take on the character of the cask very quickly.

Q: What is the “angels share”?A: Spirit loss due to evaporation and weeping through the timber of the cask. The rate varies from cask to cask and place to place. Expect around 10% p.a. loss.

Q: Will my whisky improve if left longer than two years in the cask?A: Maybe! We only guarantee that it will be good to drink at two years. Experience tells us that the optimum age for malt spirit in 20 litre oak casks is around 2-3 years, but every cask is different. That’s part of the fun and challenge of making whisky!

Q: Can I have the spirit shipped to me in the cask?A: No, our licence requires us to deliver the whisky in bottles. Also, casks regularly develop leaks in transit.

Q: Can I take delivery of my cask sooner than two years of age?A: No, the two years is a statutory period required before the spirit can be called whisky.

Q: Can I visit and taste my cask while it is maturing?A: Yes, just call us first to arrange a time so we can get it out for you.

Q: Can I choose the size of the bottles by spirit is put in?A: Yes, depending on stock availability you can choose between 750ml or 500ml bottles for your whisky.

Q: Is the cost of shipping included in the price?A: No, the cost of shipping will be quoted at the time of maturation depending on your location. You are also welcome to pick up your bottled whisky and cask in person.