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Our Story
In Search Of Perfection

Who are 5Nines?

Two guys, David Pearse and Steven Griguol, with one sole passion – to create the perfect spirit. At 5Nines we’re all about trying to achieve perfection. 5Nines - 99.999% perfection.


We are a small batch distillery located in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, specialising in hand crafted single malt whisky, gin and other premium spirits. One of our special offers is the 5Nines Whisky Barrel Experience, where you can take advantage of the unique opportunity to purchase a selected cask, and fill it with our hand crafted malt spirit. We will mature it for you into your very own whisky. They’re matured in our bond store for a number of years, giving you the perfect reason to come and visit us!

Learn more about our process and the unique hand-made distillery equipment here.

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