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Special Release - Cola Finish
$195.00 — 700ml

A first bottling in our special release series. This playful whisky will bring back youthful memories of "whisky and cola". This expression was finished for 8 months in a barrel which had been seasoned with cola.

Cask Notes
Cask: 5ND310 (Finishing cask)
Cask Size: 200 litres
Oak: French
Cask Provenance: Ex Adelaide Hills white wine, seasoned a popular brand of cola
Char: Medium
Cask yield: 364 bottles
ABV: 47.5%

Tasting Notes
Conjures memories, but where are the bubbles?
Nose: Caramel, butter, cola, hints of chocolate
Palate: Burnt caramel, vanilla, fairy floss, oak
Finish: Cola, toffee

Production Notes
Malt: South Australian grown and malted pilsner
Fermentation: 7 days
Distillation / barrel fill date: 26th November 2018
Cask emptying date: 12th June 2021