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Wild Citrus
$85.00 — 750ml

Your gin starts its life as a refined spirit, traditionally distilled. We use a blend of the base liquor and Adelaide Hills spring water gently infusing it with three types of fresh South Australian citrus fruits (mandarin, lime & orange) alongside various spices (coriander seed, cloves & star anise), and adding a unique blend of botanicals sourced from around the globe. We peel the three types of citrus by hand, preserving their true essence, capturing the unique characteristics and delicate flavours ensuring outstanding quality for you, the gin connoisseur. Batch 001 is bottled at 48.3% ABV and contains approximately 29 standard drinks per bottle.

Serve with your favourite Mediterranean tonic and accompany with a few fresh mint leaves. For serious gin lovers, try neat in a chilled glass or over ice.

Botanical Profile

Juniper — Fresh pine and resinous notes  | Coriander seed — Spice with citrus hints  | Mandarin — Sweet and fruity  | Orange — Bright citrus lift  | Lime — Citrus sharpness  | Angelica — Structure and violets while allowing other aromas to linger  | Cassia — Spicy and aromatic back notes  | Star anise — Liquorice palate excitement  | Almond — Nutty structure  | Cloves — Spicy and fragrant